April 18–19, 2018Boston Convention & Exhibition CenterBoston, MA

Software Development & Testing

We design, program, verify and integrate real-time software for use in automation, avionics, CAD systems, safety systems, robotics and weapons systems, and numerous other applications.
By combining our development and verification services, you benefit from a complete lifecycle solution.
» Embedded Firmware Development
» Software development in many languages, including:
- ADA, Android, Assembly
- C/C++, Eclipse, IOS
- LabVIEW, Perl, Python
- QML, Qt, Qt Creator
- SQL, TCP-based protocols
- VB.NET, Visual Studio
- Human-Machine Interface
- More

IV&V Standards
» Avionics/Military
- DO-178C
» Medical
- FDA, IEC62304
- QMS Validation, ISO13485
» Transportation
- IEC62279, IEC61508, IEC26262
» Industrial
- IEC61508, IEC61131

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